Cork love

I have been hoarding storing corks we have collected over the years in big plastic Ziploc bags that have traveled with us from our old house, to our apartment, and now to the Trail.  I love corks because they remind me of a place, a time, an anniversary, a party, or a friend.  I decided I finally needed to do something with these corks.  I did make a 'cork line' a while back you can see here, but that just didn't use too many of our coveted corks.  I saw a cork runner for a table on Pinterest and decided that would be my next 'nap' project.  All I needed was my corks, a glue gun, glue, and some felt.  I cut my felt to the size I wanted, positioned my corks the way I wanted, and then started gluing.  Now, as easy as that sounds, and it was easy, it was not a quick project.  Laying out the corks was the most time consuming part.  I wanted to make sure I had them how I wanted them before I started gluing anything.  After I had all the corks glued, I decided I didn't like it as a runner.  So, I glued some cardboard on the back and hung it as a cork board in my newly arranged craft room/office space in the basement.  I'm quite fond of it.  

Supplies needed: corks, hot glue gun, glue sticks, felt, cardboard

1.  Cut felt to desired shape.  
2.  Arrange corks on felt.
3.  Glue corks on felt. 
4.  Glue cut cardboard on felt.
5.  Hang with a few nails.
6.  Tadaaaa...place some pictures on your functional cork board!

horray for using up those corks!

my newly arranged office/craft area

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