4 months of Luke

Our little Luke is 4 months old already.  I'm pretty sure he has lost all his newborn features and is starting to look like a big boy.  It's crazy to think that we will look back someday and think he is so little, when in fact right now he seems so big!  Kevin and I took his 4 month pictures yesterday and, unfortunately, we only got one little kind of smile.  He usually is a smiling fool, but once that camera came out, he was just trying to figure out what it was (even though it's out all the time).  Below you will find all the things Luke is doing these days and the pics from yesterday:

  • Luke jabbers and talks away during play time.  Kevin and I coo back at him and he just loves carrying on a conversation with us.
  • Luke can roll from his tummy to his back by moving his head to one side and letting it carry him over.
  • Luke takes one bottle from Dad every night.  He eats around 6-7 ounces in the bottle, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't eat that much when he's nursing.
  • Luke loves to play in his gym, the lion is still his favorite.
  • Luke smiles at Mommy and Daddy and his grandmas and grandpas.  He loves to stare at Grandpa Gary.
  • Luke's sleep has been a little random.  He is no longer swaddled.  He takes 2 1/2 good naps during the day and then sleeps anywhere from 4-7 hours in a row at night.
  • Luke has his favorite books and loves to be read to: The Very Busy Spider, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, A Wish for You, and Goodnight Moon.  Luke loves it when Daddy lets him play with Goodnight Moon.
  • Luke is getting good at grabbing things.  He reaches for his 'friends' under his gym and pretty much anything we put in front of him.
  • Everything goes in Luke's mouth.  His hands, fingers, blankets, toys, everything.
  • Luke is starting to sit in the Bumbo and is actually starting to kind of like it.
  • Luke likes to play/eat his burp cloth when he sits in his bouncy chair.  We think he might be a blankie boy.
  • Luke loves it when Mom or Dad let him stand up.  He is so proud and you can tell he feels like a big boy.
  • Luke is awake and alert about 2 hours between naps.
  • Luke loves bath time with Daddy and we have actually had to turn the tub around because he wants to sit up now.  He loves to kick and splash.
we didn't get very good tie pictures this month

luke and daddy

how sweet is this kid?  that is my mom's baby blanket he's laying on, love it!

the only happy face i captured

probably my favorite

love the light...and the sweet baby!

so funny!  thanks grandma diane for my yoda hat and doll!

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