Safety First: Putting in a railing

Luke is getting bigger and bigger everyday.  It is hard to believe he will be 5 months old next week.  I know crawling is still a few months off, but Kevin and I thought we should be prepared for when Luke is following us everywhere.  So...we started figuring out the logistics of putting in a railing by the stairs.  There once was a railing in that spot, but Kevin's parents took it out when their kids were raised and gone.  I completely understand why they did it; it opened up the space a lot.  But, now that there is a baby in the house, it's time for a railing to go back up.  
It really was a simple process, especially after going through a big renovation last year.  I knew what I wanted, because I wanted it to match the rest of the house.  I wanted a wood/wrought iron look.  I found a few railings online that I liked and then I called a local contractor and he gave me the information for a guy (Chad) that installs railings.  I contacted Chad and he came and measured the space and asked me to pick out a few things that would need to be ordered.  Kevin and I needed to pick out: a newell post (the big wooden thing that would stand at the top of the stairs), balusters (the posts), boots (the pieces on the bottom of the posts), and the kind of wood.  This was pretty simple and he came back and quoted us a price.  After a few weeks, Chad came and installed the railing in about a day and a half.  The painter, Steve, came and did some mudding and sanding.  I even helped by sanding and painting the parts that were mudded.  After the initial shock of that space not being wide open, I think it looks like it's always been there.  Chad and Steve did a great job and now we will be prepared for when our little guy is moving.  Now we just need to find a baby gate that will work at the top of the stairs.  Any ideas?

the newell post going in



  1. The railing looks so great! :).

  2. Thanks Annie! I think I've finally gotten used to it. :)


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