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I love Pinterest.  I especially loved it when Kevin and I were remodeling.  It was a perfect place for me to collect and keep all my ideas and choices for the kitchen/living room space.  Now that our remodel is done, I still use Pinterest all the time (that might be an understatement).  I love pinning recipes, DIY projects, learning activities for Luke, workout routines, photography tips, and decorating ideas.  I believe it's a great resource and it's super fun (and addictive).  I decided to start sharing my favorite pins that I have used or want to use in the future.  It will be my fun little Friday activity.  
You might have noticed that there is a big Pinterest 'P' in the upper right hand corner of my pictures now.  If you click on any of my pictures, you can now pin them on Pinterest!  This will work great for most of my posts.  As for my favorite pins of the week, you will need to click on the caption to go to the original site where the pin was found.  Does that make sense?
Since Sunday is Easter, my first Pinterest post will be all about this upcoming holiday.  I hope some of them are useful to you!  Please share in the comment section if you had any 'diamond in the rough' finds this week!  

click here to pin this...i will definitely use this dying technique when luke gets older!

how cute would this picture be?!  you can pin this from my page

click here to pin...you will find free easter printables here!

click here to pin...this is a great site with lots of ideas

click here to pin...absolutely love this idea to help little ones understand the resurrection of Jesus!

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