Amelia's 1st Birthday

Luke had his first 'friend' birthday party on Saturday.  We celebrated Amelia's 1st birthday in Atlantic, Iowa with her family and friends.  It was an extra special Minnie Mouse themed party, complete with hot dogs (yum!), a smash cake, balloons, presents, and even some swimming!  After lunch, Amelia got her first taste of her chocolate smash cake and then it was on to presents.  Luke slept through most of this fun stuff and, unfortunately, our camera was in the room he was sleeping.  I missed some priceless pictures, but did get some shots of the swimming.  Happy Birthday Amelia...Luke can't wait until he is more mobile and can chase you around!

1st time swimming

enjoying the party

two daddies and their kiddos...that's the birthday girl

love this face!

daddy and luke in the water


  1. What a CUTIE PATOOTIE!!!!We miss seeing you guys @ group :(

  2. Thanks Carrie! We miss you guys, too! We are hoping to be there next week. :)


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