This past week we were lucky enough to have some visitors on the Trail.  Kevin's sister, Hillary, was in town for a girl's weekend and we were able to have dinner with her Thursday evening.  She is such a wonderful aunt to Luke and we are so very happy that she and her husband John will be parents at the end of this summer.(She looks incredible, by the way, as you can see.)  Plus, it means Luke gets to be a big cousin, yay!
My good friend, Annie, also visited this past week.  Kevin and I met her and her husband Drew through a group at church and they have been such a blessing in our life.  Annie came out, with Starbucks in hand for both of us, and we got the chance to catch up and just have some girl time.  She is such an amazing, strong woman, and it was wonderful to spend the afternoon with her.
Both Hillary and Annie got the chance to hang with Mr. Luke and I caught some pictures of these moments.  (P.S. Thanks Annie for letting Luke use you and your clothes for his burp rag!)

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