4 month activities with Luke

4 whole months of Luke.  He has been so fun this month and is doing more and more everyday.  We have been working on his head and neck strength, his language exposure, and we are continuing to help him explore the world with books and sensory stimulation.  Our 'basket of fun' has stayed pretty much the same since last month, except we have changed out a few books and added some finger puppets.  These are the 4 month 'activities' we did this month, compiled from various websites and books.

  • Luke and I are constantly having a 'conversation' about something.  Some of our favorite topics are light fixtures, changing his diaper, and what I'm eating.  Exciting, huh?  I know I've said it before, but talking to Luke is one of the best ways I can aid his language exposure.  Did you know that early speech and language skills are associated with developing reading, writing, and interpersonal skills both in early childhood and later in life?   
  • I read Luke at least two books after he eats while his tummy is getting settled.  He then listens to two books before his naps and a book before bed.  Even though he may not be completely interested or involved during book time, he is still getting exposed to language, books, and rhyming.  So important! 
  • Luke is now starting to play a little in his Jumperoo.  I have forbid batteries to go in that thing, but he still loves looking at his 'friends', especially the lion.  This is his alone playtime.  I let him play while I clean up, make breakfast, lunch, etc.  I'm hoping this will help him learn some independence.

  • I made some sensory bottles and tickle sticks awhile back that you can find here.  I use the tickle sticks to tickle his nose, ears, hands, cheeks, chin, etc. while saying a little rhyme as I go.  He seems to enjoy this, as his arms flap the entire time.  When using the sensory bottle, I just hold it up and talk to him about it.  He is getting more interested in these and the bubbles they create.
  • The newest and most fun thing to do with Luke right now is finger puppets!  He loves finger plays and finger puppets.  I do Itsy Bitsy Spider, Five Little Piggies, and Kevin and I also use some finger puppets my mom gave us to make animal noises.  Something about moving my fingers and hands he absolutely loves.  Finger puppets are great for his visual stimulation, along with interacting with others.
  • Luke has started to roll from his back to his belly.  It is so darn exciting, but it also means our little baby is growing up.  Kevin and I try and give him ample room to move, so he can practice rolling back to his back once he's on his belly.  I still do tummy time with him, but it's sometimes pointless when he just moves to his back right away.  His back, neck, and head are getting so strong.
  • Luke loves the sound of Kevin or I's voice.  We both try to sing to him as much as possible, trying to develop his language.  He likes 'You Are My Sunshine', 'Bushel and a Peck', 'He's Got the Whole World in His Hands', and 'Five Little Monkeys', 'Twinkle, Twinkle', and 'Jesus Loves me'.
  • Luke is reaching for everything these days, so I have tried to expose him to different textures and temperatures: warm, cold, soft, bumpy, smooth, etc.  I do this with my smoothie in the morning or running warm water on his hands.  I use his blankets, books, the rug, and other items for him to explore texture.
  • Kevin plays peek-a-boo with him a lot and this helps him develop object permanence (the understanding that objects exist even when they can't be seen).
  • Luke loves mirrors.  We put a mirror on his gym, so he can see himself when he is playing.  Babies love faces, especially Mom's, Dad's, and their own.  He loves talking to 'the baby in the mirror'.  


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