5 minute date

Kevin and I love a good date night.  Eating a meal together when the only interruption is the server asking if you would like dessert is pretty much as good as it gets for us in this season of our lives.  Kevin and I love good food, so it's no surprise we love trying new restaurants 'in the city' and frequenting one of our favorites, La Buvette, as much as our babysitters will let us.  

As much as we love these glorious, rare, wonderful times, we find it's not enough to count on those infrequent nights to keep us close.  We need to connect everyday, even if just for five minutes.  It's good, healthy, and necessary to keep us me from feeling like we never talk.  (I might have a problem with exaggeration.)

My mom is a thoughtful little mother hen like many mommas out there and bought us this perfect journal for Valentine's Day.  Anyone else still get a Valentine from your momma?  #blessherheart 
My sweet momma's love language is definitely gifts.  I might have rolled my eyes and thought very little of this journal when we received it, but it has truly brought a little spark to our evenings at home. 

This 'Our Q & A a day' journal has brought us lots of laughs, eye rolls, and hmmmmmms and has given us a topic of conversation each evening after our littles are tucked into bed.  Lily goes to bed first and then Kevin puts Luke down.  After reading him The Horse and His Boy (they are currently reading the Narnia series together) he finds me snuggled on the couch reading.  Before this journal, we would usually settle into our evening routine of reading or watching a show we had on DVR.  There would be some conversation, but not much, because, guys...I am tired. done. spent.  This was our routine for so long, but this simple little journal gave us reason to look at each other and have a five minute conversation about us.  Sometimes the questions require very little thought and sometimes it literally takes us five minutes to come up with an answer.  Kevin has answered a few questions with 'no' or 'I don't know'.  I am totally fine with that.  The wife in me is just happy to have his undivided attention for a few minutes each day.  

The great thing about this journal is that it spans three years.  It will be interesting to look back at  'what we daydreamed about' on March 23 in 2016 compared to 2018.  I'm not saying this is the end all be all to connecting with your spouse, but it sure has helped Kevin and I to stay in touch with each other while in this busy season of raising littles.  I will be honest, we have missed days, lots of days.  I love this because it means we get to 'catch up' one night and have a longer conversation, which usually leads into the rest of our evening.  

Using this journal I go to bed with a feeling of contentment...that Kevin and I are doing this life thing together, side by side.  I love that, almost as much as I love him.

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