One Beautiful Week

I am currently sitting with my feet up watching our blooming purple crab apple tree sway in the breeze.  The breeze is warm today people.  Spring might be here to stay, fingers crossed.  

This week has been a beautiful mix of playdates, MOPS, and adventures at home. It was a full week, but left lots of room for fun and time spent outdoors watching Luke get excited that he can now swing in the 'big kid swing' or watching Lily toddle away from me because she has figured out that she has a will.  #lordhelpme

As we move into the weekend, we don't have much planned and I am looking forward to a weekend as a family, possibly doing a little bit of nothing.  For those of you who read my post last weekend, we all survived the painting of Lily's room and it actually took a lot less time than I had imagined.  With Kevin home, things went much much smoother.  It's amazing how much you can get done without kids asking you for milk every three and half minutes.  All you single Mommas out there deserve a high five and a latte every. single. day.  I am in complete awe of you.

Have a blessed weekend!

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