Give me all the floral

I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl almost two years ago.  I knew my mom and grandma kept talking about how girls are soooo much fun, but I didn't really know how much fun.  

I am not a shopper.  I never have been and probably never will be.  #sorrylily I just prefer spending my time doing other things.  I don't mind a shopping trip here or there, but none of this all day long eat breakfast lunch and dinner at the mall thing.  My mom and grandma might be the opposite.  They love a good all-dayer at the mall and could mosey around Younkers for hours.  When online shopping gained momentum, I was all in.  Get everything I need without getting out of my pajamas and going to the store?  Yes, please.  

Online shopping plus Instagram has made shopping for Miss Lily so. much. fun. Maybe a little too much.  I can find exactly what I want without having to trudge around the mall searching for it.  Many of the items I find for Lily are made by Mommas in their homes around the U.S.  I love supporting creative Mommas that are trying to fund their dream of staying at home while running a business.  

This week I thought I would share my most favorite items for Lily at this moment in time.  They are all perfect for spring and I wish I could get one of each for myself (kind of).  I love putting floral on my babe, but am still trying to figure out if it makes me look five and frumpy.  Whatever, Lily can pull it off.

This well-made backpack from Swankaroo is one I ordered for Lily for Easter. She adores purses, so I thought she would love carrying her treasures around in this backpack.  Turns out she does.  It is a win win, because now I can get her to carry her diaper and water bottle to church.  Score!

Lily loves accessories.  I am simple with my accessories, but my little girl can't get enough.  These two silicone teething necklaces from Minted Lane are safe and go with pretty much everything in her closet.  Whenever I ask her if she wants to put a necklace on, she answers 'pease'.  

The Golden Tot Shop has some beautiful items.  This pink and white mini crown has gotten a lot of wear from Miss Lily in her 17 months of life.  It is adjustable and can fit size infant to adult. 

My good friend, Annie, introduced me to Belle and the Bear moccasins out of Lincoln, Nebraska.  My first pair of moccasins for Lily came from somewhere else and they don't even compare to these.  Lily has been wearing these for almost 6 months now and they have held up so well.  They don't come off and she can walk in them easily.  They are a gold color and go with everything, which is an added bonus.

I saved the best for last.  Cassie from Head 2 Hiney makes the most adorable leggings, bibs, headbands, even tees.  She lives right down the road from me and I love seeing what fabrics she finds to make her adorable creations.  This set Lily has worn for a long, long time.  It will be a sad day when I have to retire it.  It is buttery soft and stretches and forms to Lily's chunky little legs.  Lily has a few other pairs of Cassi's leggings and I love them all.

Shopping from home is one of life's little conveniences and how I love it so. I hope you have a Sunny Saturday wherever you are today!

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