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The sun isn't showing it's face on the Trail this Sunny Saturday.  It has been one of those weeks and despite the rain and clouds, I am just glad it's the weekend.  #amenandamen

A few years back I discovered Instagram.  Once I discovered Instagram, I discovered all the incredible small shops out there that sell handmade goodness.  I was immediately hooked and now when I glance at my phone, Kevin says, 'are you shopping?'  The answer is yes, probably, yes.  I love perusing my feed to seek out something beautiful for myself or my littles.  Let's be honest, it's almost always for my Luke and Lily.

This Sunny Saturday I am sharing a few of my favorite small shops for my littles.  I have so many more, but these are the pieces I'm loving right now.

First up is this gold hair clip and bright pink headband from Little Kate Designs.  Lily has been sporting this clip to church as well as when we make our trips to the city (aka go to Target).  It goes with her Belle and the Bear moccasins perfectly.  The beautiful leather headband just came in the mail and has instantly become a favorite.  I have been questioning whether Lily can still wear headbands anymore because her hair is growing like wildfire.  This fits her head so well and she looks like she is trying to pull off a Molly Ringwald look from Pretty in Pink.  #redheadscanwearpink 

I fell in love with this next shop right away.  Their kimonos are beautiful and the awesome thing is the Momma who runs this shop is right across the river in Nebraska. Her shop used to be called Camden and Kate, but is now Haberdash Soul Company. My mom gifted this to Lily for Christmas for our trip this winter and now that it's getting nice, I am just giddy that I can put her in it.  Not only did Miss Lily get spoiled with one for Christmas, but I did as well.  Matching is so much fun.

I have mentioned Head 2 Hiney in previous posts and I just can't get enough of this shop.  Momma Cassi Reed knows how to put some fabric together.  She just dropped off this set for Lily and it is a little bit of perfection.  Now the weather needs to cooperate so I can squeeze her little white legs into these shorties.

Heart of Gold Apparel is the real deal.  This shop specializes in Christian tees that have fun teachable messages.  Making Jesus known through these tees really is so much fun.  Another HUGE perk, they are gender neutral.  I literally moved one of Luke's tees into Lily's closet the other day.  Cute, meaningful, and practical.

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are today.  And, if it's not then...

A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.
~William Arthur Ward


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