Rain Rain Go Away

Rain, rain go away...come again another day.  Luke loves to sing this song, even on sunny days.  

I remember when I was a young adult and loathed rainy days.  I remember wanting to pull a big fluffy comforter over my head and not leave the house when I woke up to rain streaming down my windows.  I remember thinking 'no one should have to leave the house on a rainy day'.  

Some things never change.  When it's raining I definitely don't want to leave the house, but now I have a sweet fondness for rainy days.  I love the slow mornings that allow time for baking banana bread that tastes best straight out the oven.  I love how Luke and Lily can make a game of climbing in and out of purple diaper boxes.  I love the freshness that a good, hard rain brings to the Trail.  I love the darkness in the afternoons that allow my two littles to rest easy during nap time.  It doesn't hurt that our gravel roads and fields need the rain, too.  

This week was full of rain.  After not leaving the house for three days except for a chilly walk here or there, by Thursday we were ready for a trip off the Trail.  The weather cooperated and didn't open up it's big puffy clouds while we went to the library and then toured Target with blueberry bagels in hand. It was one of those weeks when I remember why I love living in the country and why I still miss the city.  It was wonderful to stay home and get cozy on the couch day after day, but it felt oh so good to head into the city and be around life other than the rowdy birds in the yard.  

Have a blessed weekend, all!

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