Random Picture Friday

I am ready for the weekend.  And all the people said Amen.  

The last two weekends we have been out of town.  It was so fun and good and special to see family and friends, but we are ready to be home.

We get to spend all weekend on the Trail, with the exception of church, and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Kevin is definitely more of a homebody than me as he keeps asking me, 'what do we have going on this weekend?'  I think he thinks I'm going to change my mind and talk him into driving to the 'city' on Saturday.  That is not in the plan, so home we will stay!

I'm not even quite sure where this week went.  It was slow and filled with great highs and lows.  We spent a majority of the week at home, me doing house projects while Luke and Lily played quietly together. #justkidding  But really, they do play together, just not quietly and just not for that long. 

Lily was teething at the beginning of the week, so her and I spent a long night on the couch and the next day we practiced 'survival mode' all day.  Praise God for grandmas, as Grandma Diane came and picked Luke up for a few hours so I could concentrate on Miss Lily.

We were able to spend some time outside and Luke showed Daddy where we go for 'adventures'.  He was pretty proud of himself.  Can you blame him?

Today I am out with some MOPS ladies for our Mommy Make-Over day.  I am most looking forward to the conversation and girl time, but honestly, I can't wait to drink coffee how it's supposed to be drank...hot! #itsthelittlethings

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

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