Sunny Saturdays

I have been project minded this week.  I was inspired at my sister-in-law's house last week because they have been simplifying like crazy and living in their house with them for a weekend was oh so refreshing.  On the drive home with all my thinking time, I decided to update the kids' bedrooms with a fresh coat of paint and some simplifying.  I painted Luke's room on Tuesday while Lily was teething, which might have been the craziest thing I have done since having kids.  Painting with toddlers is, um, interesting.  #whatwasithinking 

Despite the madness, I am planning on painting Lily's room today.  I know.  BUT, Kevin will be home so that will make it much, much less stressful, because he is pretty much a rockstar.  I'm sure I will question my sanity about an hour into it, but it will be worth it.  And if I find out it's not, I will let you know next week.  #prayforme

There are some items this week that just made me smile and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I love making our house a home.  Making our home feel like a reprieve from the daily grind is my intention as I decide what comes in and what stays out of our sacred home space.  This print is just the best.  Because honestly, truly, fully...this is our happy place.  I love being home and I know Kevin does as well.  I pray we make it a place that our kids always love and long to come home to.

Okay, guys.  I might have a little problem with hot chocolate.  Ever since I started drinking peppermint mochas after Lily was born, I am obsessed with peppermint.  I found this peppermint hot chocolate at Target and it is pretty much a staple at nap time.  I make mine with half milk and half water and it is a highlight everyday.  We will see if I carry this little routine into summer...

Kevin picked up this book for me for Valentine's Day this year.  If you read and loved The Shack by WM Paul Young, you must read Eve!  It took me a fourth of the book to get my bearings, but after that it is so so good.  Seeing God through Young's eyes is fresh and real and encouraging and just plain lovely.  This is a great 'girl' book, but Kevin is anxious to read it when I'm finished (one more chapter-I am so sad).  There are some strong male characters in the book and I think Kevin, as well as other guys, will find it just as inspiring as I do.

I just found Kristin Schmucker's shop and love it all.  Our church just finished up an inductive Bible study on John and I really enjoyed the journaling aspect of it.  I wanted to continue that with my next devotional and I just couldn't pass up this pretty journal.  It has a place to write the verse, journal the verse, and a few questions about what was learned and how to apply it.  I love that it is applicable to any book or verse in the Bible.  I chose to study Proverbs right now and it has been a pleasant way to start each morning.  

Do you mosey down the end caps of Target looking for a good clearance buy?  I definitely did, pre-kids.  It's more of a luxury now when I am at Target solo.  I found this cute little vase a few weeks back on clearance.  I have used it a few times already for fresh cut daffodils.  I love how it hides the stems and is short and small.  When I was at Target this week, I noticed that they are having a Home Decor sale...spend $50 get $10 off.  You have to text HOME10 to 827-438 to get the coupon.  Sales are my favorite.  I come from a long line of women who love a good deal.  For example, my grandma gave me 18 coupons (actually, probably more) last weekend when I said I was going shopping at her favorite store.  Bless her heart.

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