Sunny Saturday

I have been looking forward to today for almost a month now.  My mom is here to relieve Kevin and I and we are heading to the city for a date.  Praise Jesus! So, whether it is raining or snowing or hailing or sunny, I am definitely having a Sunny Saturday today.  One on one time with my man will do that to me.

Spring has motivated me to put winter behind me and look ahead to these next glorious months of warm weather and sunshine.  After church a few weeks back, I picked up these succulents at Trader Joe's.  I didn't quite know what I was going to do with them and they sat on my counter for about a week, homeless. After rearranging the dining room and getting new chairs, I decided they would look perfect on this silver vintage tray as a dining table centerpiece.  They are simple and easy and look so pretty with the sunshine shining in on them. P.S. I haven't killed them, yet.

Anyone else out there in iced coffee mode?  It hit me this week that I can officially ditch my hot coffee for an iced one...most mornings.  Kevin and I ordered a Toddy last year and it has been such a great purchase.  I make a batch of coffee, throw in an entire can of sweetened condensed milk, and I have coffee for the week, just add ice.  Never mind the calories.  I am a bit obsessed with this and you should be, too!

The fresh feel of spring has me wishing for light, clean scents all around my home.  I mentioned Mrs. Meyers glass cleaner about a month ago and I just had to go all in and pick up this lavender all-purpose cleaner.  I have decided it is my perfect scent.  We get each other.  I am a bit of a type-A clean freak, so I love wiping down my counters every single day with this stuff.

I was in a book funk after reading Eve and needed something fun and not too serious to read.  After noticing Bringing Up Bebe in several airport bookstores, I decided to finally order it on Amazon.  The author, Pamela Durckerman, is an American mom raising her baby in France. I am about a fourth of the way through it and it is a typical funny parenting book, but with some solid advice that has me paying attention.  Last weekend I read it on the deck sipping my iced coffee and it was just perfection.

Most of you are probably thinking I am about to tell you about a great piece of cutlery that makes life in the kitchen much easier.  I'm not.  The last piece of the puzzle is a bit random, but made this week a little bit sunnier and safer (maybe?).  Some of you know that when Kevin is traveling I sleep with a knife next to me under his pillow, my hand grasping it most of the night.  I can't even remember when I started doing this, but it is now a habit.  Kevin was gone a few days this past week and this knife brought me comfort at about 2 a.m.  I won't even tell you what Kevin thinks about this, but I refuse to be unprepared in the case a crazy person decides to drive out to the middle of nowhere and try and enter my locked house.  I am protecting myself and my babies!  So, all of you crazies out there...beware.  I might not look like much, but now you know what I am packing under Kevin's pillow.  

I'm sure you are trying to decide who is the crazy person here.  Whatever you're thinking, you're probably right.  

Hope you have a Sunny Saturday wherever you are!

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