10 Things for Spring

Spring is here.  God gave us a great gift with the changing of the seasons here in the midwest.  The anticipation of green grass, blue skies, warm sunshine, and longer days make life more beautiful after the cold, monotone days of winter.

The weather has been rainy and cold here the past few weeks, but the temperature has made an upward climb and the sun has decided to make an appearance.  Spring is in the air.

My babes have been a little cooped up these winter months, especially with a newborn in our home.  Going outside in the cold is a little more difficult with a fragile babe, so we couldn't be more excited about warmer temps and permission to head outside and breathe some fresh air.

I've come up with a list of things we plan to do this spring that include both indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy during these unpredictable wet, dry, warm, cold days of spring.

1.  Check out baby chicks.

Everyone loves a free outing.  Many farm stores have loads of baby chicks for sale this time of year.  After church on Sunday we headed to our local store and all I heard out of Lily's mouth for about ten minutes was, 'they're soooooo cute.'  And they were.  If only Kevin would let me take some home...

2.  Plant seeds.

Somehow over the last few years, I have turned into a plant lady.  I'm not super excited about working the dirt with my hands outside this spring and summer, but I don't mind planting a few pots in the house.  Picking up some seeds and letting little hands pour dirt, water the dirt, and tend them might be the epitome of a spring activity.

3.  Let the kids choose a park.  Bring a picnic.

Many times I am the one calling the shots.  We are going to the library.  We are stopping at Target to pick up a few things.  #right  We are meeting friends today.  You get the point.  A few weeks back we had an open day and I let Luke choose what to do and I didn't imagine he would love this so much.  So, this spring I am going to let him pick the park he wants to go to and help me pack the lunch.  It's such a small thing, but I know it will spark excitement and joy in my boy's heart.

4.  Check out books from the library about spring or flowers or Easter.

We have an incredible library in 'town' and we end up there almost weekly to play and check out books.  Since starting homeschool preschool with Luke, I have been more purposeful in what I check out to accompany our letter of the week, a holiday, or what we are studying in 'science'.  We have lots of Easter and spring books at home, but you can bet I will be perusing the shelves for some more to bring home.  Some of my favorite books for this time of year are: God Gave Us EasterThe Tiny SeedIt's SpringPuddlesSpring Is Here, and my favorite, The Three Trees.

5.  Make kebobs for the grill and let the kids help.

I loathe allow my kids to help in the kitchen from time to time.  They love to bake, so I let them scoop and pour and try and not cringe when they spill half a cup of flour on the floor.  This real life stuff helps them learn and grow and my type A personality just needs to take a break when we are baking together.  They don't help much with dinner, so making kebobs will be the perfect opportunity for them to help make something that doesn't involve flour or sugar.  I am thinking these hot dog kebobs would be perfect for my little ones. 

6.  Go on a scavenger hunt and look for pinecones, daffodils, and anything else winter might have left behind.

We are set up to do this easily on the Trail.  There are pinecones everywhere this time of year and daffodils are just starting to bloom.  Luke and Lily love collecting items to take to their rooms, so this is a perfect adventure for a sunny day when we can venture out of the house.

7.  Put on rain boots and play clothes.  Find the biggest puddle and let the kids have free reign.

Again, my type A personality has to take a back seat for this one.  I just ordered new rain boots for both Luke and Lily and my goal this spring is to throw my mud-hating fears to the cold April wind and allow this to happen. Friends out there, please keep me accountable for this and ask if I let my kids go nuts in a puddle sometime in the next few weeks.  (I am still warming up to this one.)

8.  Get a seed catalog or look online for seeds you want to plant in a garden.

We have already ordered our pumpkin and gourd seeds for this year.  We receive a Johnny's Seeds catalog in the mail every year and I let the kids pick out a few varieties, usually in February.  My kids get so excited to pick out their very own seeds and it is definitely a catalog that will keep their attention long after the seeds are ordered.

9.  Find an indoor garden where you live and browse what we get to look forward to this spring and summer.

We are lucky enough to live close to an incredible garden.  Last year I splurged and became a member because the kids love going there and I love a spot that is warm and cozy in the cooler months.  Lauritzen Gardens is a great spot if you are local and right now they have a incredible Lego display with lots of legos for the kids to build tall towers with the single goal of knocking them down.

10.  Dye Easter eggs.  Then make this avocado egg salad, because it is so simple and the best.

Hard boiled eggs are so yummy and easy.  I love dying them with the kids around Easter and talking about Jesus' resurrection as they giggle at the eggs changing color and dye their hands right along with the eggs.  If you want a simpler version of the avocado egg salad, simply mix one smashed avocado with one sliced hard boiled egg and spread on a piece of wheat toast.  Perfection and it really is the taste of spring.

Spring is one of my favorite times of year and I am looking forward to exploring and experiencing this season with my littles.  What are some fun things you do with your babes in the springtime?

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