(A Rainy) Sunny Saturday

Where did spring go?  This weekend we are expecting nothing but clouds, rain, and temperatures unfit for flip-flops.  The good news is rain means less time working outside and more time enjoying each other all weekend long.  There are pancakes, hide-and-seek, and lots of books on the docket for today.  I'm a sucker for rainy days and the atmosphere it generates as the clouds part and precipitation falls from the sky.

Today, I'm sharing some things that made my week a bit sunnier.

First up, moms.  Hello?!  Moms are the best.  I know it's not Mother's Day, yet, but my mom was here all week and I feel like a brand new person after having some rest, a couple dates with my man, and a few afternoons alone with my thoughts at Starbucks.  Moms are awesome and I boast one of the best.  Call your mom today and tell her thank you...she loves you more than you can imagine.

Next up are lilacs.  These purple beauties have been filling my home by the handful and I can't stop picking them.  Either can my children.  They each want a few branches in their rooms at all times.  I am not complaining because the scent that floats through the house is one of my favorites.  It is making these rainy days a little more delightful.

I have mentioned this couple's Q & A journal before and Kevin and I took a sabbatical from it for awhile and are back at it.  We realized we needed to connect more on a daily basis and this book is the perfect format for us to do just that each and every day.  It gives us something to talk about that is not work related nor kid related.  It's what we need right now in this season.

My grandma's china made an appearance on my dining room table this week for Cooking Club.  Six ladies made the almost hour trek to my house to have a night of spring dishes and good conversation. I love pulling out this china whenever I get the chance and it went with our spring menu so well.  Even if I have to hand wash each dish, it is absolutely worth it.

Last, is my friend, Diane, and her husband, Russ', podcast.  A Guy, A Girl, and A Kid celebrated their 100th episode this week and did a live episode after our Journey Group meeting on Tuesday night.  It was so so much fun!  These two crack me up and I look forward to tuning in every week to hear their funny banter back and forth.  You should check them out.

I hope you have a Sunny Saturday wherever you may be today, despite the rain!  

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