At Home on the Trail

Today, a book has been released into the world about being #athomeintheworld. I have been following along with Tsh Oxenreider over at The Art of Simple for awhile now and love her philosophy of simple living at home and abroad.  At Home in the World just got plopped into my hands by the UPS man and I cannot wait to delve into Tsh's trip around the world with her family.  I listened to the first chapter on her podcast, and guys...it's so good!  

In honor of her much anticipated book, I am sharing where I feel most at home in this great, big world. 

The sun is lazily making its way down the horizon and shining its fuzzy, magical glow over the fields;  an early spring dusk smack dab in the middle of flyover country.  We are meandering on a trail up and over the hill where we see fields for miles with daffodils and feathers in our hands. Treasures from our adventure.  My four year old Luke glides on his mud covered bike up ahead while his sister, Lily, stops to check out a ladybug atop a dandelion.  "Momma, it's a ladybug."  While we discover and intensely study fifteen ladybugs, birds sing all around us, oblivious to our presence.  Kevin and I stroll with our littlest man, Jude, at the back, making sure to savor the scene of another adventure in the books.

Muddy tires.  Check.  Dirty fingernails.  Check.  Tears because we have to go inside.  Check.  Check. 

The sun disappears and we make our way down another hill, stop and pick a few more dandelions and daffodils and arrive at our garden.  The kids 'help' dig up a few weeds as they try and 'forestall' the inevitable bedtime retreat. Finally we make it to our back door and boots with weeks' worth of mud on them are kicked off before we step inside for baths and goodnight kisses.  

Adventures with my babies on the Trail in rural Iowa is where I feel at home in the world. Growing up in the city I never dreamed I would live on a gravel road with my nearest neighbor a half mile away, yet here I am... and wouldn't change a thing.  The simple act of discovering a new robin's nest or digging in the dirt or stopping to listen to the bees buzz or watching Luke pull Lily in a rusty, red rider wagon as they hunt for sticks.  Those are the things giving me all the feelings as sweet as the blossoms on the trees... and I can't help but feel at home

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