Two months with Jude

Our littlest man is 2 months old (2 days ago).  It's hard to believe he is no longer considered a newborn and has slid into being a perfect addition to our family. He is adored by all of us, but it is truly something special to see his siblings shower him with kisses and hugs and run to see him when they get up in the morning with, 'Baby Jude!' and 'He's sooooo cute.'  These days are some of the best days.

Here is what our sweet Jude has been up to this past month:

  • Jude is smiling!  It is absolutely the sweetest thing ever and he has even started to coo and lock eyes with us as he wrinkles up his nose. 
  • Eating is one of Jude's favorite times of day.  He nurses between 6-7 times a day and takes one four ounce bottle from Kevin at night.
  • We are still working on this sleep thing.  He is now sleeping full time in his crib, which was a big transition for us all.  He takes 3-4 naps during the day, with the evening one being the hardest.  His night sleep is inconsistent, as he will get up to eat two to three times a night and will cry out for his pacifier numerous times in-between feedings.  He will sleep through the night one day!

  • When Jude isn't eating or sleeping, he is usually in his bouncer making googly eyes at whoever is in front of him or cuddled up in Kevin's arms or my arms.  He loves being held close.

  • Jude still sleeps in a woombie.  It will be a sad day when he decides he needs his arms free because he looks so adorable all snuggled up tight.
  • Jude has started taking more baths and he loves it.  If he is fussy in the evening, it is the perfect thing to do to calm him down.
  • Riding in the car is one of Jude's favorite things to do.  Thank goodness, because he gets toted to town quite often!

This boy has brought such joy to our entire family and we are so grateful he is ours.  

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