A Sunny Easter Weekend

Happy Easter weekend, friends!  Although this can sometimes be a somber holiday, I am ready to celebrate the act of unthinkable love Jesus showed to all of us.  I'm pretty sure him conquering death calls for a celebration.  

Today as I reflect on the incredible sacrifice the God I serve made for me, I am in awe of the love and grace I have been given.  There is nothing that could make my week sunnier than knowing I am loved and known by Christ.  He has chosen me, loves me, and has made me to do things for His kingdom.  It doesn't get much sunnier than the God of the universe showing up for me. 

So, in honor of all this weekend celebrates, I am simply going to say what Jesus did on the cross is more than enough to make my week and my Saturday sunny.  It's more than enough for this week and every week.  Have the best weekend my friends.  You can find me partying all weekend to glorify the one who paid the ultimate price for me.  

Happy Easter, everyone!

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