Girlie Things for Mother's Day

Last weekend I had some time with my favorite girls from way way back in the tee-pee-each-other's-houses-on-weekends-talk-about-boys-and-eat-whatever-we-want days.  They came to visit and meet our Jude.  It was a delightful weekend filled with lots of lounging on the worn couch, watching the kids dance around with glow sticks, and chatting about our oh so different lives.  It was perfection and, as always, the weekend flew by way too fast.

Today I'm sharing some girlie things from the weekend that I thought would make great Mother's Day gifts (which is right around the corner).  I might even share what I'm hoping to be gifted this Mother's Day from the absolute best husband in all the land.

The sun made an appearance this week and everything is turning green.  It's like I wasn't paying attention and one day woke up and it's spring.  I. love. it.  The kids have been spending every moment they can outside searching for flowers (they don't have to search far), chasing ladybugs, and pulling each other around in the wagon.  Kevin takes the kids on adventures while I stay inside and cuddle Jude and they always bring me back some kind of treasure...a pretty spring branch from a tree, a purple flower, or a daffodil.  You can never go wrong with a springtime bouquet.

Moroccan oil.  I have had my head in the sand because I just discovered this stuff.  Since my hair is a tad lot frizzy, this potion makes it smooth and sleek and presentable.  I can now leave my house without a mass of flyaways sprouting all over my head like the grass seed in my yard.

Isn't this necklace beautiful?  I gifted it to my girlfriends this past weekend from Betsy Farmer Designs and I couldn't resist getting one for myself.  The length on it is precisely what I've been looking for and the simplicity of the circle makes it perfect to wear everyday.

Last Saturday I served up a bacon quiche for breakfast.  It might not be the girl-iest meal around, but I haven't met too many girls who don't like bacon, probably because I live smack dab in the middle of the US of A.  This quiche can be made ahead of time by cutting the cooking time in half and then cooking the rest of the way the day it's served.  It would be perfect dished up with fruit for Easter or Mother's Day or a lazy morning with guests.  

Another thing that made my week sunnier was time.  Time with my friends, time in the car, time.  It's probably the hardest commodity to gift a momma, but I'm sure glad Kevin steps up to the plate and does it.  Time is what I'm hoping for this Mother's Day.  A few hours to recharge and be alone with my thoughts. Being an ambivert (someone between an extrovert and introvert; I learned the term this week), I need a balance between being around friends and family and being alone.  Jude kind of tipped the scales a bit and I am needing more alone time than I ever have before.  Time is the perfect gift for a mom with young babies at home.

Since most of my readers are women and a lot are mommas, I have a tip for Mother's Day.  Tell your man what you want.  Send him an email, a text, or literally speak it with your mouth to his face in a real conversation.  Guys DO NOT read minds, as much as we want them to and know exactly what our hearts desire.  They need help, coaching, if you will.  I learned this awhile back (when I received a plant I killed in a hot minute) and Kevin is grateful I lay it out for him.  He wants to make me happy and I can sure help him do that with my suggestions.

Three cheers for sun!  It is actually sunny today and I am spending the day with my people having adventures on the farm and letting the warm sun dry up the mud that surrounds our spot on the Trail.  Have a Sunny Saturday, everyone!

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