Hamburger patties

I never make hamburger patties.  Kevin usually makes them because mine always turn out pitiful and he ends up having to remake them.  Well, this past week I volunteered to bring hamburger patties to a BBQ where we were lucky enough to see some friends we haven't seen in way too long.  Kevin wasn't going to be home until right before we had to leave, so I, alone, was in charge of the hamburger patties.  Now, I know some of you are thinking: why didn't you just go buy hamburger patties at the store?  Well, let's just say that living down the road from lots of cattle means you don't buy hamburger patties at the store, which means it's one less thing for me to forget at the store.  I love this.
So, I set out to make hamburger patties.  As I googled and searched for the easiest way, I found someone who uses ordinary lids to shape the patties.  YES!  I actually have lids, lots of lids.  I got out my lids and after trying a few out, found that I liked my thinner Pyrex lids the best.  Thinner burgers means evenly cooked burgers (that's one of Kevin's mantras).

I first mixed the hamburger with a little salt and pepper.  Any old spice you want can go in, but I just stick to good, classic salt and pepper.  You can do this after the patties are formed, but I like to get it all mixed in.
Put some plastic wrap on your chosen lid and on top of that put a round ball of hamburger.  Make sure to squish the hamburger down really good, so the patty stays together.

Turn over the lid and...there you have your hamburger patty!

Despite the heat, our friend, Drew, and Kevin cooked the hamburgers on the grill.  I thought mine was quite delicious with a bit of cheddar cheese on top.  After the burgers were gone, we all sat and chatted and got caught up on everyone's summer.  It seems like it's going too fast already.  I can't wait until our next BBQ with these guys (we missed you Carrie and Bill)!

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