There's something about a tractor...

There is just something about little boys and tractors.  Since moving to the farm, Kevin has become Mr. Popular with all the boys that come to visit and it is for one very important reason.  Kevin can drive a tractor.  He can give tractor rides.
Last week, one of my favorite little boys, Cooper, came to visit with his mommy, Paige.  The first afternoon they were in town we went down to the machine shed to show Coop the tractor and lawnmower.  He sat on the lawnmower for a solid 45 minutes pretending to drive and saying 'drive home and go to sleep'.
After coaxing Coop to get off the lawnmower so we could eat, Kevin got home.  Kevin stole him away for a tractor ride and that was it.  He was sold.  He went on an encore ride the following night and became Kevin's best friend.
Although the tractor rides were the highlight for Cooper, we also did some shopping and visited the Wildlife Safari in Ashland, Nebraska.  It was a great little visit and I know that next time Coop comes to the Trail he will run straight to Kevin...for a tractor ride.

the lawnmower

getting ready for s'mores

cooper's first s'more
interested in the chocolate and that's about it
pretty elk at the wildlife safari


two cute boys

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