Nursery: Part 1

Last weekend I started getting a little antsy about the nursery.  I started having visions of our baby sleeping on the floor, in a dresser drawer, in Abel's bed, etc.  We still have 17 weeks to go until our little guy gets here, but some of you know me as the slightly anxious type and this nursery thing had me anxious.  So, we got busy...or should I say Kevin got busy.  I was more of the, um, supervisor.  Kevin did most of the work during part 1: moving out furniture and putting things together.  It's amazing what he can do when he has some tunes playing and a cold beer...the sky is the limit!  We aren't even close to being finished, yet, but I wanted to get some pictures up of what the nursery looks like before it's complete.

This room got a face lift during our remodel.  It was previously adorned with blue shag carpet.  The carpet was removed and the floors sanded.

The closet with  lots of stuff stuffed in there.

A little cubby hole where a desk used to be, which Kevin removed and stored.

Kevin working on the crib.

Kevin's 'tools'

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