Nursery Project #1 (kind of): Closet Organizers

My first nursery project didn't go as planned.  Let's just say I wanted to make this cute yarn ball mobile and it literally deflated before my eyes.  After wrapping balloons in glue soaked yarn and letting the balls dry overnight, I popped the balloons the next day and the yarn ball, along with the balloon, deflated, leaving a flat, non-round mess of yarn.  This is not supposed to happen.  The balloon is supposed to pop and leave a nice, round yarn ball, perfect for a nursery mobile.  Kevin thinks I didn't use enough glue, but he didn't see the glue I cleaned off the counter, floor, my clothes, hands, etc.  Whatever the problem, I think it was with the crafter, not the craft.  I still need some practice with this crafting stuff.  After Kevin and I had a good laugh about my Pinterest fail, I decided I needed a painless project to raise my confidence a little.  

these are what they were supposed to look like
i didn't take a picture of mine...too embarrassing
I got this cute idea from my friend, Shelby, who is due with her first baby any day now.  (Thanks Shelbs!)  These are super easy tags that I made to organize Baby Boy Forristall's clothes.  I am in that nesting stage and I can't organize enough.  

The materials needed are:
-scrapbook paper
-number/letter stickers or stamps

I chose two different kinds of scrapbook paper and simply cute them into squares and glued.  I put stickers on for each of the designated sizes.  

Finally, I punched some holes at the top, squeezed some ribbon through and tied them on in the closet.

This is a straightforward project and it's exactly what I needed after the previous laughable one.
P.S. If anyone has a (simple) DIY mobile, please comment or email me!  


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