A mouse, tapas, pedicures and lots of shopping

This past weekend Kevin was away in Vegas for a bachelor party, so it was a perfect opportunity to have a girl's weekend.  My mom, sister (Rachael), brother's girlfriend (Shamica) and her daughter, Mae, all came to have an all-inclusive girl's weekend.  We had so much fun, we decided it has to be an annual event.  
The fun started as we were getting ready to go into town for some shopping and tapas.  We were all dressed up and walking out the door when I stopped dead in my tracks.  There was a real mouse, dead as a doornail, lying by the basement door.  Being the 'country girl' that I am, I scooted up the stairs as fast as my pregnant body could go and tried to get the little mouse's image out of my mind.  I believe I might have been shouting, "Ewwwwwwww!!!"  Meanwhile, my younger sister, Rachael, calmly disposed of the mouse in the dumpster.  My mom would say, 'bless her pea picking little heart.'  Yes, bless her heart because I thought I was going to have to call Kevin's dad, Gary, to come down and save us girls from the big, bad, dead mouse.  

After chatting about the mouse all the way into town and through shopping, we headed to Espana's for some Spanish tapas.  The girls had never had tapas before, so I was excited to introduce them to these yummy little dishes.  We had spicy potatoes, sizzling shrimp, mussels, and chicken empanadas to name a few.  Mae loved the spicy potatoes, good thing we ordered two of them.  I think she ate one dish all by herself. 

mom and daughter...mae wore her brand new sunglasses

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping, shopping, shopping, along with an amazing hour of pedicures.  My mom spoiled all of us, especially her soon-to-be-grandson.  It was an incredible weekend spent with incredible people and I can't wait until next year when we can do it all over again.  Everything, except the mouse part.

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