Cloth diapers: Awesome Blossom

In a previous post I mentioned that I use Bum Genius 4.0 pocket diapers.  I have also experimented with a few Awesome Blossom diapers.  Awesome Blossom diapers are similar to the Bum Genius 4.0s.  They are pocket diapers with snaps that allow you to customize them to your babe's size and they grow with your baby.  They are for babies ranging from 7-35 pounds.  
I first spotted these diapers on zulily.  I decided to try a couple, and for the price ($9.99 on zulily), they are fantastic!  The outside of the diaper is polyester knit and the inside is soft fleece.  I love the inside feel of these diapers.  They are so soft against Luke's skin.  Like the Bum Genius diapers, they come with a microfiber insert that is placed inside the diaper.  Right now I only need one insert for Luke, but multiple inserts are available.  Usually when babies get older, more than one insert is needed.  
I love the softness and absorbency of these diapers.  Luke hasn't had any leaks in these!  I also love the color options and easy to adjust snaps.  Another thing I love about these diapers is Awesome Blossom is a WAHM company, an acronym for Work At Home Moms.  I am happy I get to support other moms that are at home!  
The only thing that is a teensy bit frustrating about these diapers is the inserts are a little hard to get inside the pocket.  Unlike the Bum Genius diapers, the insert hole is a little smaller, making it take a little more time to get the insert in just right.  Despite this small frustration, I definitely think these diapers are worth the money.  
Awesome Blossom diapers are awesome and I plan on buying more in the future.  You can find them here.



  1. VANESSA! I didn't know you were a blogger now! If you get this tonight - please email me your number! I have a request! ;) Mariah Wellman - Your Former Reading Buddy / & Teacher Friend! :)

    1. Hi Mariah! Hope you are doing well! I miss you girls, I am going to be at Franklin on the 30th for Beth, hopefully I will get to see you!


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