Cloth diapers...which ones?

When I went about choosing cloth diapers I read reviews, watched YouTube videos, and finally narrowed it down.  I decided on the Bum Genius One Size 4.0 diaper.  The main reason I chose this diaper is because it is a one size diaper, fitting babies weighing 7-35 pounds.  This means I don't have to go out and buy new diapers when Luke grows.  The diaper utilizes snaps that are adjustable.  I love this feature!  This diaper is a pocket diaper.  It comes with two inserts that are easily placed inside the diaper.  I first decided I wanted the velcro closure 4.0s because they would be easier to put on and take off.  I bought a few at an event in Omaha called Fluff Again where moms can sell their gently used cloth diapers.  As much as I like the easiness of them, the velcro has gotten icky and I don't like the stuff that gets stuck to them.  That being said, Bum Genius has thought about that and the velcro is replaceable.  Even with the velcro being replaceable, I decided to buy the snap closure when I bought more.  I like these much better.  They are easier to use than I originally thought and still work great!  Although I have had a few leaks in these diapers, there were also numerous leaks in the disposables I use prior to starting the cloth diapers.  I contribute the leaks to Luke's little legs.  His string bean legs don't fill up the leg space given for the diapers.  We're working on that.  


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