Court and Lu

My good friends Lu and Courtney came out to the Trail to visit last Friday.  I was lucky enough to be teacher to Lu's daughter, Karagin, a few moons ago.  Courtney is Lu's daughter and Karagin's older sister, and is an amazing, talented young woman that helped in my classroom when she was in both high school and college.  She is now a part of The Young Americans group based in California and is traveling to Japan this summer to bring music and dance to the young people there.  
We had lunch and they loved on Luke and made him giggle and smile and Courtney was kind enough to let him suck on her hand.  I feel so blessed to know Courtney and Lu and their family and am so glad I was able to spend the afternoon with them.  Love you girls!

suck, suck, suck

loving all the attention

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