5 month activities with Luke

Luke will be 6 months old on Friday, it doesn't seem possible.  The other day I was telling Kevin that it feels like he will always be this little.  Kevin quickly reminded me that was not going to be the case.  I know, I know, Luke will grow up and go to the prom and have a girlfriend (yikes) and get married...someday.  But, that someday is not today, thank goodness!  
This month we have been working on his language development and continuing to foster his sensory stimulation.  We have continued many of the activities we did during his 4th month of life you can see here, but here are a few new ones we added this month.

  • BL (Before Luke), I purchased some stacking cups from a local children's thrift shop for a couple of bucks.  You can find them on amazon here for about $12.  I love these cups and believe they're a classic that will never go out of style.  I put his play keys or ball or anything else that will fit and then stack two of the cups together so the item is covered up.  I then ask, 'where are the keys?'  This helps with object permanence, as does peek-a-boo.  Luke loves this little game and it's always fun to watch his face because I just know those wheels are turning!
  • Luke is now sitting up on his own, but is still a little wobbly.  We practice his balance by sitting him up and putting a few toys in front of him.  He will tolerate this for short periods of time with Mom and Dad are right there to cheer him on.
  •  This next activity is my favorite.  Luke and I or Kevin and Luke or all three of us head outside for a walk.  Sometimes we carry him, sometimes we put him in his little carrier that straps on to us.  Luke loves the outdoors, praise God!  I mean, can you imagine a little boy living on a farm that doesn't like the outdoors??  Me either.  We would have a problem on our hands, when would I get all the gardening done?  But, Luke enjoys looking around at the flowers, insects, grass, and definitely our puppy Abel.  Kevin and I talk to him about all that he's seeing and try to let him smell the flowers and touch the grass.  The outdoors is like a buffet for his senses...all the smells, sights, noises, and things to touch.  
basket of fun

you've gotta watch this kid...he's a monkey

he thinks he is sooooo big

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