What this city girl misses

Life in the country is peaceful, serene, quiet, and just lovely.  I get to listen to sweet birds chirping when I wake up and view stellar moons before I go to bed at night.  I am one lucky country girl.  
Life in the country is just peachy, but there are a few conveniences I miss about city life.  I was thinking about these conveniences this weekend as I had lunch with two of my friends at a delicious Italian place.  I miss these girls a lot and wish I was closer and able to see them more.  

These are some things I took for granted living in the city.

#1: Coffee shops.  I miss spoiling myself with a latte every now and again.
#2: Grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations.  Missing a cup or two of sugar means a trip into town or a trip up to my sweet in-laws. (Thank goodness for them.)
#3: Target.  Sometimes a nice stroll around Target is just plain fun.
#4: Church.  We have a great church in town and we still make the trip on Sundays, but sometimes it's hard to make it to all the fun events they host.  We also have a great Journey Group (Bible Study) with amazing people that we have grown to love so much, but we struggle to make it to every study session.
#5: Pizza delivery.  This is a big one.  Who doesn't love pizza delivered to your front steps on a Friday night?  Every chance I get, I order it when I'm staying in town.  A 10 minute drive for Casey's pizza will suffice on nights when we really have a craving for some hot slices.
#6: City friends.  Yes, you're now considered city friends.  Ha.  I miss seeing all the wonderful friends Kevin and I have in town.  We still try to see them as much as we can, but it just doesn't happen as often as I like.

I understand that these conveniences are quite trivial and silly, but I still miss them.  After having lunch with the girls and driving on 80 thinking about all I miss about the city, I came home to find our friends and neighbors Todd, Kara, and sweet Amelia hanging with Kevin and Luke.  We went on a short car ride to the Dairy Queen (the closest 'fast food' place) about 15 minutes away and enjoyed some tasty treats on a warm night.  And then I began to think about how lucky I am to have friends that I can have lunch with in the city and friends I can go for car rides with in the country.  Yes, I am one lucky country girl.  

the babes and the dads

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