Cooper's 3rd Birthday!

I love celebrations...baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, and birthday parties.  Most of these celebrations include cake,  which is why I love them so much!  This past weekend we headed over to Iowa City to celebrate my godson, Cooper's, 3rd birthday.  I seriously can't believe he's 3 already.  I remember cuddling with him and taking him for walks when he was just a wee little baby like Luke, which makes me think Luke will be that big someday...doesn't seem possible.  I'm not going to think about that right now, that's wayyy into the future, right?!  (I'm sure Cooper's Mommy, Paige, won't agree.)  

The party was on Sunday, but we went over Saturday to spend a little extra time with Paige and Coop.  We made a pit stop in Grinnell to visit Kevin's grandparents and family, but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures.  I was too caught up in learning all about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lego sets from Kevin's cousin, Dalton.  I love him!

After having lunch in Grinnell, we made the remaining trip to Iowa City and when we arrived noticed there was a loud shhhhh-ing sound coming from one of our tires.  Yep, we had a large screw in our tire.    We decided to go check into our hotel and then get a kit to fix it.  Our room ended up not being ready, yet, so we did what any couple with a baby would do...Kevin fixed our tire at a gas station while I breastfed Luke in the backseat.  Super awesome.  Super multi-tasking.  

After finally getting checked into our hotel room, we bee-lined it for the pool.  We swam and ordered a good 'ole Papa Johns pizza, the garlic sauce made my day.  Pizza that gets delivered is a little luxury that we don't have on the Trail.  

When Sunday rolled around we enjoyed Cooper's construction themed birthday party, which was too darn cute.  Paige did an amazing job with all the decorations and the cake.  She made everything herself, she is super mom.  My friend, Shelby, and her little cutie Scarlet were there and it was fun for Luke and Scarlet to 'play' together.

After enjoying some cake (yum), Kevin and I headed back to the Trail and Luke slept the entire way.  It was a fun getaway, but it went by way too fast.  Happy Birthday Coop (and Paige), thanks for letting us share your special day!

getting ready to swim!

swim time

paige holding both boys

birthday boy!

how talented is paige...she made this all herself!

happy birthday to cooper!

shelby, me, paige, and the birthday boy...scarlet and luke were already on their way to dreamland in their carseats

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