Today we celebrate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  We celebrate the men and women who fought for us and lost their lives so we can live a life of freedom in a country that values free will and humanity.

If you're anything like me, sometimes you take this sacrifice for granted.  I'm not thinking about it when I'm in the grocery line or playing with my kids outside or eating dinner with my family.  I'm not thinking of this great, big, enormous sacrifice these men and women made for me and my children and everyone else living in this country.

That's why we have a day to remember, a day to truly let it sink in how these strangers give me this life I live everyday.  I am not from a military background and do not know many soldiers that have given their life for our country.  

However, a few great men that I was in high school with gave their lives and I remember them today.  

Their names are:

Joseph J. Hamski
Age 28

Jonathan E. Schiller
Age 20

These soldiers died too young and today I think of them and pray for their family and friends who mourn them each and everyday, not just on Memorial Day.  

I can't imagine the magnitude of the sacrifice Joseph and Jonathan's families have endured.  It is beyond words.

I am grateful for these men and all the other men and women that give their life so I can go to the grocery store, play with my children, and have dinner with my family.  My heart yearns to tell each and every one of them and their families 'thank you'.  

Thank you, Joseph.

Thank you, Jonathan.

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