My Mom

Moms teach us everything.  They teach us how to eat with a spoon, how to say 'please' and 'thank you', how to bat our eyelashes (only me?).  They teach us how to be brave and stick up for ourselves, how to keep fighting for our dreams, and how to love unconditionally.  They teach us how to apply mascara, how to edit a paper, how to endure a break up.  They teach us everything.

My mother has been a good mother, no, a great mother.  She has taught me all those things and so much more.  The most important lesson I learned from my mom was how to love my kids.  She loved my siblings and me deep and wide and without any boundaries.  She loved us well.  I pray to love my kids as well.  I pray they know how much I love and cherish them.  I pray they know, without a doubt, I love them deep and wide and without any boundaries, just like my mom loves me. 

Today, on Mother's Day, I celebrate the woman who never made me second guess her love for me.  She has been a solid rock in my life; never wavering or leaving when I did something wrong and never loving me any less for the mistakes I made.  She has modeled Christ's love for me in a way that only a mother can.  

Love you, Mom.

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