Activities for Letter U

Luke has another letter 'in the books'.  This was the last letter needed to know all the letters in his name...letter U.  This letter took us a little longer than usual, but we pushed through and are now moving on to letter S.  I added some counting and pattern activities in this post, as I am trying to do more and more of those with Luke.  

Here are some of the things Luke did to learn about the letter U...

Activity: We brainstormed letter U words together and found the magnetic letters and put them on the whiteboard.

Activity: I wrote the numbers 1-5 on sticky notes and then had Luke put the correct number of poms above each one.  He did this pretty easily, so then I wrote the numbers 5-10 and that's where things got complicated.

Activity: I'm trying to involve Lily more in Luke's Tot School and here they are putting poms down a toilet paper holder.  Lily really enjoyed doing this(and so did Luke).

Activity: We worked on patterns using little bugs and toy cars.  This is a new concept for Luke, so it took him awhile to 'get' it.  We worked on AB patterns as well as ABC patterns.  This is a concept that will need lots of review.

Activity: Using painter's tape, I put a letter on each car that corresponded to the beginning sound on this page.  Together, we 'parked' each car over the word that started with the letter.  Luke hasn't quite put two and two together with letters and sounds, but he will get there.

Activity: Luke worked on matching dominos.  Being able to recognize and distinguish numbers on dice or recognize small groups of items without counting (subitizing) is a skill that researches have shown improves math achievement. 

Activity: To round out the letter U, Luke glued arrows to the letter U.  Being a semi-anti-craft kind of kid, I was surprised that he enjoyed this so much.

Resource: Block Letter Printables

Activity Not Pictured:

Activity: Letter books.  Luke loves these books!

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