Top Mommy Truisms

Mother's Day is this weekend and as I reflect on my ability to celebrate these last four years, below are some truisms about being a mom of littles under the age of four, at least for me.

-You don't put on a clean shirt until you are T-minus three minutes from leaving the house otherwise you are destined to walk outside with peanut butter on your shoulder.

-You put the needs of your child first.

-You get to buy super cute mini-human clothes.

-You get to relive childhood through the eyes of your little.

-You are in complete awe of single moms and moms whose husbands are deployed. Really, truly they are saints.

-You usually can't remember when you ate last, but you know exactly what your child did or didn't eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

-You receive an inconceivable amount of joy when your child experiences joy.

-Your house is as tight as a parking space at the zoo...you (ideally) have every inch of it baby proofed.  There will be no one sticking their finger in a light socket in this house.

-You wear pants with an elastic waist whenever you can.  Meanwhile, your child is dressed like an up and coming H&M model all. the. time.

-You see the need for our world to be better, stronger, kinder, and more compassionate...because your children will be out there on their own someday.

-You read the same three books twenty times a day. #littlebluetruck

-You know that you are becoming a better human by raising the littles in your house.  They teach you daily about patience and love and how to destroy a clean kitchen in five minutes.

-You learn the nursery rhymes and songs you learned as a kid really stuck and discover your ability to improvise a song about anything - to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus.  (Luke and Lily are eating lunch, eating lunch, eating lunch, Luke and Lily are eating lunch all day long.)  True story.

-You rarely get solid rest, but when you do, you feel like you have just drank a quad-shot venti latte.

-You use the bathroom with the door open; sometimes when you have guests, you forget to shut it.

-You go to Target alone and feel like you are on a beach somewhere with an umbrella drink in your hand (except it's the quad-shot venti latte).

-You don't have time to deep clean often.  When you have five minutes to actually vacuum, you find a host of treasures your child is giddy about that have been hiding under the furniture for the past six months.

-You find yourself talking about your kids in pretty much any social conversation with anyone, even if you promise yourself you won't.

-You feel like superwoman when the house smells clean and your littles are napping.  (It doesn't mean it has to be clean.)

-You are so proud when your little picks up something you have taught him or her.  It's like what you are doing matters.  Note to self: It does!!!

-You count and analyze how many dirty diapers, glasses of milk, servings of fruits, vegetables, and proteins your child has had on a regular basis.

-You praise Jesus for grocery service, dishwashers, microwave mac and cheese and crib mattress covers.

-You have to be wary of things that make life a little too easy, they can become a crutch and come back to bite you someday. #anentirebottleofwaterbeforebedisabadidea 

-You strategically park next to the shopping cart stalls when going to the store.  Easy in, easy out.

-You are constantly looking for ways to make life with littles easier and simpler.  (For example, microwave mac and cheese.)

-You wonder frequently how moms survived without double strollers, snack cups and veggie straws.

-You have nothing on the bottom three shelves of your bookcases.

-You get over the smell of dirty diapers...until you don't.

-You realize some hurdles are worth jumping and some just aren't.  Forcing your little to eat spinach, definitely not jumping.  

-You say 'what's the magic word' or 'try that again' or 'you forgot something' or 'say please' thirty eight times a day to elicit the single word 'please' from your child's lips.

-You have numerous children's books memorized and can literally read them with your eyes closed with your child on your lap.  

-You will never forget the way you felt when your little(s) came into this great big world.

-You thought motherhood was going to look one way, but you were oh so misinformed.  It's better.  Way, way better.

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