Summer is Near

The peonies are blooming my friends!  They make me smile and give me a sense of excitement and hope for summer.  When the peonies start to bloom, it means that summer is getting near, it's just around the corner.  In our family summer means swimming at the Quarry, lots of grilling, patio dinners at La Buvette, long nights roaming around the farm, star gazing, and dirty floors.  Are anyone else's floors filthy in the summertime?  I just can't keep up with the grass and dirt and little treasures.  It's so worth it.

Saying I have been giddy about dressing Lily in the summertime is an understatement.  I love keeping things light and simple and that is pretty much mandatory in Iowa in the summertime.  I have picked up these pieces randomly over the past few months and I can't wait for the opportunity for Lily to wear them.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have surely seen this mint braided headband on Lily.  I picked it up from Belle and the Bear at the Baby Bazaar in Omaha and I just love the color.  It compliments Lily's hair so beautifully and works so well with many of her outfits because it's a.) not pink and b.) it's different enough to go with much of her wardrobe.  It is the softest leather and so comfy on her head.

I went on a kimono kick about six months ago and I can't get enough of them. This Haberdash Soul Company kimono is light and airy and Lily wore it on vacation this past winter almost everyday.  It still fits, as she is a petite little thing and she will be wearing it out this summer.

Oma + Jo is a sweet little shop based out of Alaska that has the cutest bonnets as well as other baby and toddler apparel.  I picked up this bonnet when they were having an Instagram sale.  That is a perk for following small shops on Instagram...they always have fun sales for their followers.  I love LOVE this bonnet on Lily.

So, after Lily was wearing the mint headband practically everyday from Belle and the Bear, I had to get the sweet mint mary janes to match.  Guys, this is the softest leather I have ever felt and I wish I could find a pair for myself. She will sporting these to church a lot this summer.

Last, peonies go with everything.  Lily is a flower girl like her Momma and wants to pick flowers every time and anytime we are outside.  She loves smelling them and it's quite comical to watch her toddle around the yard smelling each and every flower and saying 'mmmm' afterwards.

It's an extra long weekend to celebrate all the men and women that gave their lives for our great country.  I hope you have an extra Sunny Saturday and are able to take time to remember those who gave the greatest sacrifice.

Have a Sunny Saturday, all!

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