Sandy Toes and Dirty Fingernails

The weather the past few days has been nothing short of absolutely beautiful. It's almost like we somehow got transplanted to perfect-weather-San Diego, but instead of an ocean to gaze at we have tractors and corn fields.

We have been outside nonstop, my kids' bottoms have been glued to a swing for the past 48 hours and they still don't want to get off.  What is it about swings anyway?  Lily could literally swing all day long and still say 'no' when I ask her if she wants to get off.  Luke is now using the 'big kid swing' and is constantly asking me for a 'superman' which basically means I push him really high. 

When we weren't swinging this week we were spending some lovely mornings with friends squishing sand between our toes and digging up dirt between our fingernails.  Lily got her head caught in a soccer net and stepped in goose poop while Luke rode his bike cautiously along trails and ran barefoot down cement paths.  

The smiles and dirty faces of spring time make me happy and breathe life into my sometimes weary body.  It's hard not to smile and join in the fun when giggles are exploding from my littles' bellies or when their eyes reveal confidence as they tackle something new on the playground.  Being outside is good for my soul and good for producing long afternoon naps for my adventurous toddlers.

Hope you have a weekend filled with lots of swinging and time outside.  Have a blessed weekend, all!

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