6 months of Luke

It's true.  Luke is half a year old.  Craziness.  Luke is a growing boy...here is all he has been up to this month!

  • Luke is still sleeping around 7:30-7:30.  Thank you Jesus!  
  • Luke can sit up on his own after Mom or Dad put him in the position.  He doesn't tolerate this for long.
  • In his crib, Luke likes to do laps and hide from Mommy on the monitor.  He has gotten very good at playing hide-and-seek.
  • During playtime, Luke's most coveted toy is a ratty old water bottle with colored sprinkles in it that I made for his friend, Amelia, awhile back.  He loves that thing.
  • Luke takes one bottle from Dad in the evening and is eating anywhere from 6-7 ounces.
  • The play gym has been put away, so Luke has more room to roll and roll and roll.
  • Luke loves to talk to the baby in the mirror (a.k.a. Luke) and Mom and Dad and anyone else who will listen.
  • Sitting in the bathtub is a little luxury Luke can't live without.  He loves it when Daddy runs the water and he can reach out and touch it.
We went with the Super Luke theme this month...

this might be my favorite...love his little grin

melts my heart

daddy and his boys

abel sneaking a lick...so funny.

we had to have the token naked picture

sitting like a big boy!
the monthly tie picture is getting a little bit difficult these days...


  1. So adorable and he is geting so big so quickly! Can't believe it!

  2. Your pictures are so sweet! I love the Abel kiss! How can he already be six months???!!

  3. Thanks girls! I can't believe this child of mine is so big, it's absolutely ridiculous.


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