Pinterest Love: Summer DIY ideas

A little trivia for you:

Question: In what state can it both snow and be 100 degrees in the same month?

Answer: Iowa (and pretty much any other midwest state)

May has been crazy weather wise and (thank goodness) we are finally basking in some warmer temperatures.  I stay pretty busy on the Trail in the summertime with garden work and keeping the yards looking presentable, but I do want to tackle some DIY projects over the next few months.

I thought if I posted them on my blog, it might give me some extra motivation.  Here are some of the DIY projects I want to and hope to try this summer:

click here to pin...these pots are so cute and fun!

click here to pin...this is on the top of my to-do list this summer

click here to pin...these vases are beautiful

click here to pin...these would be perfect for my patio table this summer!

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