Happy Mommy's Day!!

Happy Mommy's Day to all you Moms out there!  I hope you get lots of hugs, kisses, maybe a nap, a yummy meal, and possibly some time to yourself.  

This post is dedicated to the woman that raised me and put up with me all those years I was in her house.  Mom, thanks for sitting on me when I needed to be sat on, for laughing at me when I was being ridiculous, for listening to me when I was absolutely nutty (a.k.a. the middle school years), and for loving me even though I'm sure I drove you crazy.  

Now that I am out of the house and a Mommy, I appreciate what you did and how you raised me more than ever.  I couldn't have had a better example of what a Mommy should be.  Thank you for that and for not only loving me, but now my family, too.

You are my best friend and my most favorite and only Mommy.  I love you (pretend we are doing butterfly kisses).

my mom loves her family

love this sassy lady

my mommy with her daughters (and soon to be new grandson)

i LOVE this one

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  1. Thanks Sessa Girl!! Love you to the moon and back!! And your sweet little family too!!! Hugs and Butterfly Kisses!!


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