Memorial Day Weekend

I can't believe the weekend is over already.  Whew.  I think we jammed every ounce of fun, food, and family time we possibly could in the past three days.

My mom arrived Friday evening for the weekend.  We made steaks and corn after she squeezed, kissed, and played with Luke.  Saturday my mom and I went to the city to spoil ourselves a bit with a mani-pedi treatment along with lunch and a little shopping.  Kevin needed to study for his upcoming BIG test, so it was the perfect opportunity for us to get away for a bit.  

Saturday evening we headed to a gender reveal party for our friends Kyle and Alisha, but, unfortunately, were not able to stay for the reveal part.  Bummer.  More to come on that later.  Then, we were off to celebrate our 6th anniversary.  We have been married 6 years, which just doesn't seem possible to me.  Forgive the corniness, but I love Kevin so much.  He is my best friend and very own Prince Charming.  It's amazing how I love him more and more each year.  (Okay, the corniness is over.)  We headed off to Boiler Room for a celebratory drink and we received a text from Kyle announcing they were having a boy!  We are so SO excited for them and thrilled that Luke will have a little buddy to play with this fall.  After savoring our drinks, we walked up to V. Mertz.  We ordered the tasting menu, which consisted of five yummy courses along with wine pairings.  This was such a fun experience and we learned so much from the sommelier and the chef!  I didn't know if I would appreciate the food as much as Kevin, but I did.  They even had a pre-dessert course consisting of a dark chocolate homemade candy bar.  How could I not like it?  We crashed around 11, after staying up way past our bedtime.

Kevin's sister, Hillary, was in town to see a friend, so we popped on up the hill (to Kevin's parent's house) to see her and have breakfast on Sunday morning.  My mom and I then took off to pick up some groceries and wander around the farmer's market.  We decided on some yummy, HUGE pastries for a snack and ohmygosh they were good.  It was my snack for the next two days.  We spent the afternoon around the farm and then Kevin and I headed into town for a short little date since my mom was still here.  

Wasn't it great waking up on Monday and thinking it was Sunday?!  It was a pretty rainy morning, so Kevin went to the cemetery with his parents while Luke and I stayed home.  We had a cook out up at Kevin's parent's house for lunch and spent the afternoon planting tomatoes and peppers.  Our weekend ended up at Gary and Diane's for Tuscan bean soup and pictures of their Italy trip they took a few months ago.  I can't believe it took us that long to get up there and see them!  

It was a great, fantastic, long, rainy, yummy weekend.  I think Luke and I will stay home today and 'recover'.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

my mom and luke
drinks at boiler room
kevin's mom, diane, and luke
luke and the pretty poppies!

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