First Bites

For the past month Luke has been watching us intently as we eat and moving his mouth around as if to say 'give me some!'.  We wanted to wait until he reached the 6 month mark.  Well, the wait is over.  Luke is half a year old and he finally got what we knew he was asking for.  

Luke has started eating food from a spoon.  On Sunday evening, he tasted his first bite of rice cereal and it was a momentous occasion. 

He was in love with it...at first.  Then, I think he actually tasted it and wasn't quite so enthusiastic.  I don't blame him, I doubt rice cereal is very tasty.  It was quite funny and I am excited to see all the faces he will give us for all the different tastes he will try in the coming months.

Luke has averaged about 2 1/2 bites of cereal the past 3 nights, but we had a break through last night.  He ate the whole bowl, 13 bites.  Yep, I counted.    

Here is our little peanut and his first experience with food on a spoon!

daddy was the first to feed him!

he is so excited!

sorry babe, i had to put this one up...kevin is desperately trying to get luke to open his mouth...love it!


  1. These pictures are adorable! Love

  2. Omygosh..he is so excited!!! Can't wait till I get to feed him the next time I come!!


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